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5 Link Building Strategies to Improve Your Tree Care SEO

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Tree care SEO is something your business needs to invest in heavily if you want your company to be found on Google when local consumers are looking for a tree service business to hire. Consumers are naturally attracted to the top results, so if your business is found towards the bottom of the local search results your competitors are likely to receive the majority of that interest.

If you Google your business name and you aren’t at the top of the results, or even worse, you’re on the second page of results, it’s time to focus on improving your tree service search engine optimization effort. A dedicated SEO effort can result in more inbound phone calls, website leads, and eventually a steady accumulation of new tree care customers.

Why is tree care SEO the best long-term marketing investment? There are three main reasons you should be fully invested in search engine optimization.

Constant leads in your pipeline: When your business is found in the local search result it positions you in front of consumers looking to hire a tree service company. As your exposure improves your website traffic and inbound inquiries increase, helping you build a strong pipeline of qualified leads to convert into customers.

Position your tree service business ahead of its competitors: Being found at the top of the search results above your competition ensures that your business will receive the majority of inbound inquiries, resulting in capturing a larger piece of the available pie.

Improved name recognition: When your business is found at the top of the search results it gives you instant credibility. If someone is doing initial due diligence they will associate your company with the top tree service provider, and you will be the company they think of when it comes time to make a hiring decision.

When it comes to SEO for tree service businesses, there are many on-page and off-page activities that contribute to the overall strategy. One of the most important off-page activities is link building. Let’s explore five link building strategies that will help take your tree care search engine optimization to the next level.

Google isn’t the only resource local consumers turn to online when searching for a tree service business to hire. Online business directories, like and the Better Business Bureau, continue to be used and they present you with an opportunity to be found as well as earn a link to your website.

Submit your business to as many household name directories as possible. This will help send traffic to your website and attract leads in addition to giving you the benefits of the secured links. The majority of directories will allow you to include your website URL in the listing, and most, like Yelp, Squarespace, Manta, and are free to list.

Some premium listings will cost money, but there are some advantages. For example, a standard BBB listing will not include a website URL, but if you are an Accredited member you get to add a link.

While there is an annual membership cost, a link from the BBB carries a lot of authority and it’s a trusted link signal, as not every business can earn that status. If your business is eligible, it’s a nice way to secure a very authoritative link.

2. Create a Referral Network Page on Your Tree Service Website

This is a link building strategy that serves a purpose beyond just the link, and this is something that can be executed with zero cost associate with it. Create a referral page on your website where you highlight local businesses that are complementary to your business.

Agree to list these businesses, and link to their website, if they agree to do the same. This is a modern-day link swap, but it serves a purpose. If you just link to websites without a purpose it can be viewed as a link scheme, but not if it’s done intelligently.

Some examples: local paving and asphalt business, a power washing company, lawn care company, local painter, a window installation business, etc. Anything that isn’t a direct competitor will work.

This acts as a gateway and referral resource for your customers to find other local businesses for their needs, and each one earns you a link that improves your SEO and also has the potential to attract traffic from the websites your tree care business is linked from.

3. Local Event and Community Sponsorships

Some of the most powerful and authoritative links come from .edu and .org domains. This is a strategy that can help you secure links from educational websites and charity websites, both of which usually have strong domain age and authority to pass onto your website.

If you visit your local town or city’s website there will typically be a resource page that has links to all schools in your district. Check out each site and look for sponsorship opportunities – athletics, music department, extracurricular programs, etc. are great places to start.

There will often be a section that lists all supporters, linking to each website. This is a great way to get more involved in your local community and earn very powerful links for your tree care SEO effort.

Local libraries, senior centers, parks, etc. – if it’s a community organization there is a chance that a sponsorship opportunity already exists or you can pitch one. Also, look for local charities to support, as many of them will list their supporting donors on a resource page as well. Aged charitable organizations typically have very powerful domains, which directly benefits your search engine optimization.

4. Join Local and National Professional Business Organizations

We already mentioned the BBB above, and that is a great organization to join that not only gets you a nice link when you become Accredited, but it also helps position your tree service business as a trustworthy and legitimate operation.

Often displaying the seal or logo from these organizations on your website can help improve your conversion rates. Consumers feel more confident hiring a company that is affiliated with prestigious organizations.

The Chamber of Commerce is another example, and it not only will help your SEO by earning your website a link but there are numerous benefits like networking and business exposure. There are also organizations specific to the tree care industry, such as The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

This is another link earning opportunity, and it’s authoritative as well as related. The directory can get your business exposure as well. As you can see, these link opportunities provide you with much more than the SEO benefit.

5. Create High-Quality Content Assets and Launch an Outreach Campaign

Links from home and garden and DIY landscaping blogs are great to add to your backlink profile because they are relevant. This plays a role in how their authority is weighed by Google. For example, a link from an automotive repair website isn’t going to hold the same value as one from a landscaping blog article about fall cleanup and the benefits of using a professional tree service company.

Niche websites and blogs receive a lot of pitches, as everyone running an active tree care SEO campaign is constantly trying to secure links. To stand out from all of the other pitches, you need to bring something unique to the table.

High-quality content assets like an animated explainer video that highlights the benefits of a professional tree service company or an infographic that provides information on how to spot a rotted or dead tree are just a couple of examples of how you can create something with a little more appeal than a standard blog post.

Final Thoughts

Link building is such an important part of an effective tree service SEO campaign, and as you can see, there are several ways to build and earn high-quality links. Doing this consistently can help push your website and its pages up in the search results.

SEO is a long-term strategy and when it’s done correctly your traffic volume and leads will grow exponentially. Building links that impact your positions in the search results takes time and a well-designed strategy.

You need to identify targets, create a plan or pitch, and then follow up. Not every target will result in an earned link – it’s a numbers game. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to building links and handling your search engine marketing yourself, contact us to learn more about our fully managed SEO for tree service businesses.

Our team of SEO experts will handle everything from content creation to link outreach, helping drive awareness and generate leads while you focus on running your business. The consultation and strategy session is complimentary, so reach out at your earliest convenience and learn more about how partnering with us can help take your business to the next level.

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