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4 Tree Service Marketing Tips For Real, Fast Growth

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When designing a tree service marketing plan we have to consider several factors. It’s important to build a campaign that will deliver long-term results, but it’s also important to make sure some of that growth is experienced fairly quickly.

The sooner we can generate measurable returns attributed to specific tree service marketing efforts, the sooner we can roll that revenue back into the marketing effort, scaling the growth larger and faster.

We essentially create a snowball scenario that can equate to unheard of exponential growth for your tree service business. Some agencies will push a specific avenue, whether that is SEO, pay-per-click, social media, or another form of online marketing.

The suggestion will often align with what their strength is, rather than what is going to help your tree service business attract more customers and generate more revenue. If you truly want to experience online growth you need to be actively running campaigns across several different channels.

When you do this, they work together to help position your tree service company at the top of search results, while also pulling in new customers from multiple lead generation streams. This type of diversification can play a major role in survival in the event of a sudden drop in traffic and leads due to a change completely out of your hands.

What if Google releases an algorithm update that causes your Google My Business listing to drop off the first page? What if AdWords costs triple overnight and it becomes too expensive to generate new customers via PPC? What if Facebook decides to remove all business pages from its platform one day?

Diversification is mandatory for long-term survival. Not only that, but it can help you scale your business – more sources of exposure means more traffic, leads, and customer potential. Here are four tree service marketing strategies to consider that can help your business experience fast growth.

1. Tree Service SEO and Google My Business Optimization

There is a very high likelihood that you already have a Google My Business profile set up, and there is also a very high likelihood that it isn’t optimized correctly. Sometimes the slightest adjustments on a GMB profile will make the most significant impact on improved rankings.

Our tree service SEO campaigns focus on optimizing your Google My Business listing for optimal visibility in the Google Maps section, as well as optimizing your tree service website, both on-site and off-site.

The tree service search engine optimization effort must address both the Google directory listing and your website. They work hand-in-hand when it comes to organic traffic.

Your business needs to be positioned to pull traffic from the Maps listing section as well as from the traditional organic results. If someone is simply looking for a tree service company in your area you want to be that top listing in the maps, and an optimized Google My Business profile can have your phone ringing off the hook with inbound calls.

It’s also important that your business is found when local customers have a more specific need and use Google to find a solution. This is where your main website and its content come into play.

We leverage your blog to help attract more specific and detailed questions and needs and then funnel that traffic to contact forms and lead generation submissions. This one-two combination of Google My Business and website optimization is highly effective.

2. Tree Service AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

While SEO is a great long-term tree service marketing strategy it can take some time before you experience its benefit. It needs to be executed correctly for long-term results and it’s not something that can be rushed.

Running a tree service AdWords campaign is great for immediate leads, as we can generate inbound calls and leads almost instantly. There are two types of Google PPC ads that work very well for tree service businesses.

Traditional tree service pay-per-click ads will send traffic to a designated landing page on your website. We will typically create specific landing pages for each PPC ad, optimized with an offer and text that is highly relevant to the ad. This results in a high QS (Quality Score), which Google rewards with more traffic at a lower cost-per-click.

This will create real-time leads that come to your business via email. You must contact these leads quickly, as the rate of conversion will drop significantly as time passes. AdWords also has a PPC format called local service ads and this generates the highest quality lead.

Local service ads are something your tree service company marketing campaign needs to include, as they convert higher than any other lead. Why? Because they deliver interested consumers via a phone call.

When a consumer is searching for local tree services and comes in contact with a local service PPC ad, they are given two options. They can click to be instantly connected with the business or they can submit a form to be contacted by the business.

Since a high percentage of searches originate from mobile devices, many consumers will opt to be connected via phone. Using a dedicated app to manage the inbound leads, you can talk to the customer instantly. These are the highest quality lead because you get them on the phone without having to attempt to contact them.

3. Tree Service Social Media Marketing

There are a couple of reasons why social media is something that you need to include in your tree service local marketing effort. First, the majority of the population is on social media and it’s used as both a form of communication and a search engine for local businesses.

If you don’t have a strong presence on social media you could be potentially leaving business on the table. Facebook, for example, allows businesses to create free listings and they work similarly to how a Google My Business profile works.

When a consumer searches for a local business within Facebook, its algorithm pulls from its business listing directory. While creating a business listing on Facebook is great, it’s the optimization that helps with discoverability. This is just another way to effectively generate phone calls, website traffic, leads, and new customers.

The visual aspect of social media can also be leveraged to bring awareness to your business. Many businesses fill their social media feeds with nothing but advertisements and promotional offers. This is the wrong approach. Instead, use visual content, like pictures of completed jobs or even pictures of staff or your office.

This is an easy way to show prospective customers what your business does and who the people are behind the scenes. Consumers connect with people – not faceless companies. Showing your business – both the services you provide and the people that perform the services – makes your business more approachable.

This strategy leads to instant consumer connections, and more phone calls, website visits, form submits, and jobs are the result.

4. Tree Service Referral Marketing

One of the most lucrative sources of new tree service customers is from your existing customer list. A referral marketing system is something that can be implemented almost immediately and leveraged to generate business quickly.

This influx of revenue can then be applied to the tree service marketing effort, allowing you to use this as a gateway to funding your online efforts. This is what we like to call smart marketing – we are creating a new revenue stream that can be allocated to your marketing.

There are a couple of ways to approach this. You can send out an email asking for referrals but in a non-direct way. Something along the lines of an email thanking your past customers for their business, letting them know that you appreciate them and that referrals are always appreciated.

This can be effective, but even more so is an “ask” that also promises a reward for referrals. Something as simple as giving a $100 Amazon gift card for all referrals can create a team of business advocates that will make it a point to mention your business to their friends and family.

You can even create a submission or claim process into your tree service web design, allowing your customers to directly submit referrals. Every situation is different, so this is something that we can help you develop and implement so it makes sense for your specific business.

Leads that come in through referral sources are some of the highest quality in terms of closing potential. Since your tree service is being referred to them from someone they know, the trust is already established.

Final Thoughts

The above strategies deliver real results when executed correctly. This is why it’s so important to work with a tree service marketing agency that understands not only the methods outlined above, but also knows the tree service industry inside and out.

We are the top-rated tree service marketing agency for a reason. We use our combination of online marketing experience and tree service industry knowledge to help position our clients’ Google My Business profiles and websites at the top of Google’s search results to attract qualified leads.

PPC, social media, and email marketing are also used, with everything being intertwined to create a seamless process designed to help your business experience fast growth. If you would like to learn more about how we can help turn your business into our next success story, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Our team of tree service marketing experts will review your current online presence and explain how we can help you attract more leads and customers using the strategies outlined above, plus much more.

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